Tips for Driving in Ice and Snow

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This week’s tips from Motorwise on driving in bad weather conditions is:

Driving in Ice and Snow.

The first thing to think in these conditions is ‘Is my journey really necessary’? If it is then plan your route using main roads that are gritted.

Don’t drive in your snow boots or wellies especially as ice on them may cause your foot to slip on the pedals.

Move off gently, in second gear may help, gradually easing off the clutch to avoid any wheel-spin.

Remember stopping distances are ten times longer in ice and snow.

Use gentle manoeuvres and a safe speed leaving extra room from the car in front.

Avoid sudden use of the gas, brakes and steering. If you’re struggling for traction, don’t accelerate excessively, as this will cause the wheels to spin.

Maintain a steady constant speed, choosing suitable gears in advance, avoiding having to change gears once already climbing up hill.

Reduce your speed before going downhill and use third or fourth gear to prevent skidding.

Reduce your speed generally when driving in snow and ice, it takes longer to stop and turn, so leave extra room.

If your car starts to slide don’t panic and apply the brakes, instead steer into the slide, so if the rear end of the car slides to the right, steer to the right.

Be safe! 

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