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Whocanfixmycar.com Brings You the Essential Checks Between Car Services

Here at WhoCanFixMyCar.com, we’re always working to help you find a local mechanic that will fix your car problems at a competitive price while maintaining the high quality service you and your car deserve. We understand all too well that car maintenance can be expensive, especially if the issue is unknown, and that is why we are posting a few tips for drivers related to car servicing and maintenance.

A major concern for a number of motorists is the process of servicing. How often should you service your vehicle, when is the next service due, what is essential in a service and how will it benefit your car are questions almost all drivers will ask at one point or another.  That’s why we will take a look at what drivers can do in between annual services to keep their cars in good condition and reduce maintenance costs when their next service is due.

There’s nothing quite like a new car,  the ‘new car’ smell, the brand new brakes, smooth steering and best of all, the fact that no service lights are on or due! However, as time passes our vehicles need more attention and many people don’t realize how important car servicing is for both safety reasons and maintaining (or even increasing) the value of your vehicle.

Firstly, we recommend that you check and make a note of when your car is due its next service, this will most likely be found in your vehicles servicing booklet or with the car manual. Knowing this in advance gives you the opportunity to find a local mechanic that specializes in your car’s make as well as the time to plan your service. 

Next, there are areas of the car that drivers can check and “fix” regularly by themselves that will help reduce maintenance costs.

So here are the 3 checks:

Tip 1:

Check your oil level at least once a fortnight and especially before and after taking a long trip. Keeping oil levels between the minimum and maximum indicators will avoid unnecessary damage to the engine.

Tip 2:

Check your engine coolant levels to ensure that fluid is at the correct level. Over six million motorists in the UK are at risk of repair bills up to nearly £1,000* from overheating in summer months, avoidable if they simply checked their engine coolant levels regularly.

Tip 3:

Check your anti-freeze levels and try to make sure it never falls below the minimum level or runs out completely. Failure to do so could result in the engine and radiator freezing in the cold winter months - a potentially very expensive repair.

It’s of course difficult and not always viable to diagnose your car if you have issues between scheduled services, which is why WhoCanFixMyCar.com is here. We recommend that drivers always keep a close eye on the steering system, brakes, and the clutch as these parts are the most heavily used when driving.   If you are experiencing any issues or your service is due, let us take all of the hassle out of getting it sorted - just post your job online today and let the garages come back to you with quotes and information.

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