Notify The DVLA You've Sold Your Vehicle And Avoid A Fine

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DVLA notification of vehicle sale

Here at Motorwise our job is to help remove the stress from getting rid of your scrap, MOT failure or unwanted vehicle.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to immediately notify the DVLA that you have sold your vehicle and confirm change of ownership once you have used our service. Though our appointed recycling centres will produce a Certificate of Destruction if the vehicle is scrapped, this is generally produced after the dismantling and destruction has been completed.  This could take up to 14 days.

Informing the DVLA quickly not only prevents an unwelcome fine from arriving through your letterbox but also enables the DVLA to automatically process a refund for any full months of vehicle tax remaining (or cancel direct debit).

When you sell your vehicle to one of our appointed trusted vehicle recyclers you will need to keep hold of section 9 of the V5C registration (commonly known as the logbook) and also take down the details of the recycling centre as these will be required by the DVLA when you complete the online form (see link below).

Notify the DVLA that you have sold your vehicle

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