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Did you know that Greater Manchester has one of the most comprehensive public transport systems in the U.K? With 98 train stations plus the Manchester Metrolink it may not be surprising to some to learn that Manchester has fewer cars per head of population than any other UK city outside London.

Well, it certainly surprised us here at Motorwise as Manchester provides us with our second highest volume of scrap cars per year, second only to Birmingham. Maybe this is because Motorwise has proved to be the market leader for the collection and purchase of scrap cars and salvage cars.

We collect throughout the Manchester area

A question our customers often ask is ‘How can Motorwise offer more for my scrap car than my local car scrap yard?’ – Simples! (to coin a phrase). As Motorwise is one of the U.K.’s largest Environment Agency approved scrap car brokers, we exclusively work with some of the U.K’s largest scrap car recycling companies.

These scrap car companies collect cars nationally not just locally. Due to the high volume of scrap cars they process, economies of scale help secure the best returns for the extracted scrap car commodities.

Furthermore, the large scrap car companies invest significantly in recycling technology to ensure they can extract the most value from every scrap car. By operating this way, this benefits the scrap car seller as our scrap car buyers will often pay significantly more for scrap cars in Manchester compared with prices offered by the local scrap car yard.

How can Motorwise help me Scrap My Car?

Motorwise wants to help our customers secure the best price for their scrap car and this is why we work closely with the larger, more efficient and importantly totally trustworthy scrap car companies.

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We collect throughout the Manchester and Greater Manchester area, including:

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More About Motorwise

Motorwise is licensed and regulated by the Environment Agency. We're committed to reducing pollution and waste associated with scrap car disposal and we provide consumer-friendly, safe and legally compliant access to the car scrap industry.

Motorwise works with licensed Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF's). ATF's are the only organisations permitted to scrap cars and provide an authentic Certificate of Destruction (CoD). Every ATF in the Motorwise network is licensed either by the Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency or Natural Resources Wales.

Our extensive experience plus our commitment to providing you with the best price and best service for your scrap or salvage car makes us the ideal solution for selling your scrap, damaged, faulty or unwanted car.

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