Three reasons why cars need to be scrapped

Over time, people and their cars can form close connections. Relied on daily to get us where we’re going, they can also play a significant role in important experiences in our lives. Unfortunately, there may come a time when our trusted four-wheeled friend is no longer able to run, and for the safety of ourselves and other road users, must be removed from service.

A professional car scrap service can make this process smooth and seamless. From quickly collecting your car to ensuring its disposal is carried out safely and legally, a vehicle scrap service can make the end of your car’s life stress-free and ensure you receive the best price to put towards your next purchase. In the following sections, we’ll study three occasions when it might be time to consider scrapping your vehicle.

A failed MOT

If your vehicle fails its mandatory annual MOT, you may find that the repairs required for it to take a second test and remain road legal are too expensive. When your car is already advanced in years, or worth less than the price of necessary repair work to make it safe, a wiser move might be to arrange collection and scrap it.

Damaged by an accident

Whether you are involved in a collision or another driver hits your car when parked, damage to a vehicle can be costly to fix. When damage is severe, cars fall into Category A and are deemed unsalvageable. They must be crushed completely, and you will be paid for the weight of their metal.

Reaching the end of its life

End-of-life vehicles, or ELVs for short, are cars that have outlived their usefulness. Typically, as vehicles with over 10 years on the road, ELVs are no longer able to function efficiently and often possess parts that don’t work. When this time comes, such cars must be de-polluted and scrapped. Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) ensure this vital process is completed compliantly.

Scrap my car

If your car’s condition falls into one of these categories, you can count on Motorwise for help. We deliver a cost-effective and convenient way for you to scrap your car whether it’s been in an accident, outlived its usefulness or failed to pass that essential MOT. Get in touch with Motorwise today to book a collection or to explore the value of your scrapped vehicle.

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