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What is the best price can you pay for my scrap car?

The price for scrapping your car fluctuates regularly, making it essential to get an immediate, real-time valuation for the most accurate valuation. With Motorwise, our instant live quote system will present you with current scrap car prices straight away—simply input your vehicle registration to receive your quote.

Discovering your vehicle's scrap value and organising its disposal doesn't have to be complicated. With Motorwise, it's simple and stress-free, especially when using a legally compliant disposal service like ours. Our online quoting platform instantly gives you a scrap car valuation, letting you schedule collection securely online. Rest assured, you're in good hands with a trustworthy and accredited company handling your car or van's disposal.

How do you produce a valuation for my scrap car?

The valuation of a scrap car is intrinsically tied to the ever-changing global commodity market, particularly the value of recyclable materials like steel. UK scrap metal prices are in a constant state of flux. At Motorwise, we closely monitor these fluctuations in scrap car values to guarantee our customers the most competitive rates for their vehicles. Generally, a car's scrappage value is primarily based on its weight. Because these rates are subject to change, the price offered for your scrap car will align with the current market value of scrap metals. Therefore, today's best scrap car values could differ from tomorrow's.

To get a valuation for your scrap car, click here to enter your reg for an instant quotation.

How can Motorwise offer the best price for my scrap car?

Motorwise is one of the U.K's largest online scrap car services – we are licensed waste carrier broker regulated by the Environment Agency. Click here to view our licence.

We represent many of the U.K.'s largest scrap car recycling centres. These are known as Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF's). Every ATF in the Motorwise network is licensed either by the Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency or Natural Resources Wales.

By working with the biggest and best ATF's, they invest heavily in infra-structure and car recycling equipment, which enables them to recycle scrap cars more efficiently and extract the most value from the scrap car. In turn, this ensures they can offer the best price for your scrap car. Motorwise produces hundreds of thousands of scrap car quotes every year on behalf of our carefully selected recycling centres. Due to the very high volume of scrap cars that are sold through our service, this means our appointed ATF's value working with us. This relationship ensures they deliver not only the best price for your scrap car but equally provide you with the best possible service. Need more reassurance? Then click here to take a look at our independent Trustpilot reviews

Can I be paid cash for my scrap car?

Not if you want to scrap your car legally! The Scrap Metal Dealers' Act 2013 made it illegal to scrap your car for cash. Any company offering to buy your scrap car for cash, should be avoided, as they are not operating legally. The legislation requires you to be paid for your scrap car with a cheque or an electronic money transfer. This is designed to prevent thieves from stealing vehicles and then selling them for scrap to get cash.

Does Motorwise guarantee their price to scrap my car?

Unlike some car scrappage companies, Motorwise appointed recycling centres will not renegotiate the price for your scrap car provided all the details you have supplied are true and correct. If you're thinking "how can I scrap my car?" then Motorwises promise not to renegotiate gives you peace of mind.

Do I need a Certificate of Destruction when I scrap my car?

It is the responsibility of the Authorised Treatment Facility to produce a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) when they scrap a car. This is submitted to the DVLA electronically to notify them of the scrappage of the vehicle so that the DVLA database can be updated. You, as the seller of the scrap car, do not need to obtain a copy of the Certificate of Destruction, however, for peace of mind, a copy can always be supplied to you upon request.

Do I have to tell DVLA I've sold my car for scrap?

It's extremely important to get the paperwork sorted properly when selling or scrapping a car. If legal ownership isn't transferred correctly, you remain responsible for the car and could be stung with a fine from the DVLA for not paying road tax. Plus, if your car falls into the wrong hands and ends up racking speeding and parking fines – that will be in your name too!

Many scrap car websites will incorrectly tell you that if you're scrapping your car you don't need to inform the DVLA as the ATF will do this when they produce a Certificate of Destruction. WRONG! It is your legal responsibility to notify DVLA immediately you sell your car, including if you sell it for scrap. You should do this by completing and returning Section 9 of the V5C (also known as the log book/registration document). Alternatively you can quickly and easily notify DVLA of the sale by visiting the DVLA website.

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