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Questions about scrapping your car or van through Motorwise?

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General Questions
Will it cost me anything to get a quote from Motorwise?
No, all instant online quotes are provided with no obligation and are free of charge.
How much will I receive for my vehicle?
You can instantly find out how much your car is worth by entering your registration and postcode here. When you tell us your registration and postcode, we compare prices being offered for your car in your area. Recycling centres compete with each other to offer the best price for your car. Our prices take into account the age, make and model of your car together with value of scrap metal* and any re-usable parts. Quotes are guaranteed once accepted, subject to the vehicle being supplied complete and intact. This includes 4 wheels and tyres and an original Manufacturer supplied catalytic converter. If an aftermarket catalytic converter is fitted, the quoted value may be re-negotiated before the purchase is agreed by both parties.
If your vehicle is fitted with an LPG/CNG fuel system, the quote may need to be reduced. You are under no obligation to accept an adjusted quote.
*Scrap metal is a worldwide commodity and prices fluctuate daily.
Premium Quotes
Motorwise works with national Salvage buyers who specialise in purchasing and re-marketing salvage vehicles. These are vehicles that may be suitable to be repaired and re-used. If you are offered a Premium quote (this is stated), certain assumptions are made. We assume that the vehicle has never been modified and has never been written off following a Total Motor Insurance Loss claim. If these assumptions are wrong, you may be offered a lower quote when you speak with the recycling centre. You are under no obligation to accept an adjusted quote.
What happens after I have accepted a quotation?
Once you've accepted the instant online quote, you will be sent an e-mail confirming the quote. Within 4 business hours of accepting the quote you will be contacted by the appointed recycling centre or salvage buyer to confirm your details and payment method and arrange a suitable date and time for collection of your car.
I have a hearing disability and can't be contacted by phone. Does that mean I can't use the Motorwise service?
When you are completing your details online, please notify us that you cannot be contacted by phone and the appointed recycling centre will communicate with you by email instead.
What if I change my mind after I have accepted your quote?
Please tell us as soon as possible if, after accepting the quote, you decide that you no longer want your car to be collected. If you do not tell us that you have changed your mind and a truck is sent to collect the car, you may be charged for a wasted journey.
Motorwise Scrap, Salvage and Unwanted Car Collection
Do you charge for vehicle collection?
No, all Motorwise quotations include free collection from the postcode used to generate your quote.
Does my car need to be in an accessible location for it to be collected?
Yes. Your car needs to be safely accessed by a standard recovery vehicle. The ground must be solid enough to allow access by the recovery vehicle and close enough to allow the car to be either driven or moved using a winch. If the vehicle is found to be inaccessible when the truck arrives, your collection may have to be rescheduled or cancelled, and you may be charged for a wasted journey.
Can I arrange to deliver my car rather than have it collected?
Yes. When you receive your instant online quote, you will also be presented with details of at least one local recycling centre (Authorised Treatment Facilities) where you can drop off your car, should you prefer. Sometimes you may get a slightly better value for your car if you deliver it. Print out and take your quote acceptance with you.
After I have accepted your quote, how long will it be until I am contacted to arrange collection of my car?
The recycling centre will call you within 4 business hours of accepting the quote. The email you are sent when you accept the quote will confirm the buyer's usual business hours.
How long after I have accepted your quote will it be until my car is collected?
The recycling centre will call you within 4 business hours to discuss a convenient date to collect your car. Most collections are arranged within two working days. Please ensure you remove all personal belongings and any waste from the vehicle before it is collected or dropped off at the centre.
Do you collect on weekends
Many recycling centres can collect at weekends. Please discuss this with the recycling centre when they call you to book the collection. .
Will I get a receipt when you collect my car?
The recycling centre (buyer) will give you a receipt for your car. In addition, if you provide them with the vehicle registration document (V5C), they will complete and return to you Section 9. You should send this to DVLA immediately to notify them that you have transferred ownership of the vehicle to an Authorised Treatment Facility. Alternatively this can be done online by visiting DVLA website.
Details About My Vehicle
Do I need to provide the keys for my car?
Keys are not always essential. Please discuss with the recycling centre or salvage buyer when they call you to arrange collection.
Does my vehicle need to have a valid insurance policy and MOT?
No. But you should not leave or drive your car on the public highway without valid insurance and MOT; instead you should contact Motorwise who will then arrange to have it collected for you.
Does my car have to be free from damage?
Not necessarily. When we calculate the quote, we assume that the vehicle will be complete (including wheels and tyres), intact, free from significant damage (that may present difficulties with safe transportation) and is accessible. You'll have the chance to tell the recycling centre if any of these assumptions are incorrect before they arrange the collection. In some cases (not all), the recycling centre may need to adjust their offer however you are under no obligation to accept. In exceptional circumstances, if the condition of the vehicle or access to the vehicle does not meet the minimum requirements, the recycling centre may have to withdraw their offer to collect.
What if my vehicle is missing any parts?
All quotes are offered on the basis that the car will be supplied complete and intact. If parts have been removed or dismantled, this may mean that the recycling centre will need to adjust their offered price. You will be under no obligation to accept any adjusted price. In some circumstances, the recycling centre may advise that they cannot collect the car due to the missing parts. If you fail to disclose missing or dismantled parts and a truck arrives to collect your car, the driver may refuse to collect the vehicle and you may be charged for their wasted journey.
Do you accept vans & commercial vehicles?
Yes, up to 3.5 tonnes.
Do you accept motorcycles?
No, at this time we cannot provide quotations for motorcycles.
How do I keep my personalised registration number?
If you have a personalised/private registration number that you want to keep, you can transfer it to another vehicle, or place it on retention, using the V314 form from the DVLA (Click here to download information). You will need to do this before your car is collected.
How do I reclaim my unused road tax?
From the 1st October 2014 you'll no longer need to fill out form V14 and send it with your tax disc to DVLA for a refund. From this date DVLA will automatically refund any complete months remaining on your tax within 6 weeks of them being notified that you are no longer the registered keeper. We strongly recommend that you always complete Section 9 of the V5C and send this to DVLA on the day you handover the vehicle to the recycling company. You should write the name and address of the recycling company (not Motorwise) as the Motor Trader/Vehicle Dismantler to whom you have sold the vehicle.

Visit the DVLA website for more information on tax refunds..
Environmental & legal
Will my car be scrapped after collection?
Most cars collected through our service are scrapped and disposed of in accrordance with the EU End of Life Vehicles Directive. However, if the car has the potential to be repaired (where necessary) and made legally road worthy, it may be re-used. The decision whether to scrap or re-use the vehicle will be made by the recycling centre once the car has been returned to their site and inspected.
Why aren't all cars handled by Motorwise scrapped?
The vast majority of vehicles handled by Motorwise are scrapped. Sometimes the recycling company (A.T.F.) may decide that the car can be re-used rather than scrapped, which minimises the environmental impact. The decision whether to scrap or re-use will be determined by the recycling company once the car has been purchased and inspected by them. Motorwise strongly recommend that you always complete Section 9 of the V5C and send this to DVLA on the day you handover the vehicle to the recycling company. You should write the name and address of the recycling company (not Motorwise) as the Motor Trader/Vehicle Dismantler to whom you have sold the vehicle.
Do I need to contact DVLA when I sell or scrap my car?
Yes, it is your legal responsibility to inform DVLA that you are no longer the owner/keeper of the vehicle. The recycling centre will complete their details on Section 9 of the V5C and hand this back to you. This should be immediately posted to DVLA. Alternatively you can notify DVLA online by visiting DVLA website. If you do not have a V5C, you should send a letter to DVLA to inform them of the transfer of ownership as soon as the vehicle has been handed over to the recycling centre. You are transferring the ownership to the recycling centre and it is their business details that should be supplied to DVLA. You are NOT transferring the vehicle to Motorwise.
Will I receive a Certificate of Destruction when my car is scrapped?
If your car is scrapped the recycling company will automatically produce a Certificate of Destruction. This is submitted to DVLA to notify them that the car has been scrapped. If you would like a copy of this Certificate our appointed recycling company will be pleased to supply you with one upon request. Please inform them that you would like a copy when they call you to arrange the collection of the car or when you drop the car off at their site.
Have Motorwise and its ATFs been approved by any third party organisations?
Motorwise and the Authorised Treatment Facilities we work with are licenced and regulated by either the Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency or Natural Resources Wales. In addition, many of the recycling centres we use also work for major motor insurers and service third party vehicle disposal contracts e.g. local authority collections.
How do I check if a Company has the right licenses to collect and treat scrap vehicles?
The Environment Agency keeps a publicly available list of all companies that are Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF's) and can scrap cars, and companies that are licensed to collect scrap cars. This link takes you to the Environment Agency website where you can check. If in doubt, you can call the Environment Agency on 08708 506 506. ATFs covering Scotland are registered under the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and ATFs covering Wales are registered with Natural Resources Wales. Please contact us if you'd like to see copies of any of our approved collecting companies licenses.
Do you remove other types of waste or scrap?
No. Please be aware that we are unable to collect your scrap car if there are other types of waste or scrap inside the car.
Other things you may like to ask
Can I buy a car from you?
No. We do not sell cars at the present time.
Do you sell spare parts?
Motorwise does not sell parts at the present time but we do work with affiliates offering great prices.
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Can I comment on the service received?
Yes, you can. We appreciate honest feedback from our customers. This helps us understand what we are doing right and how we can improve our services. Tell us what you think using this online form or if you prefer, visit our Facebook page at or find us on Twitter at

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