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ULEZ - Scrap my Car or Van!

The deadline to upgrade your vehicle was the 29th of August 2023 to avoid daily ULEZ charges.

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has expanded across all London boroughs starting 29th August 2023. As a responsible car owner, it's important to make sure your vehicle complies with the new ULEZ standards to avoid daily charges and contribute to a cleaner, healthier city. At Motorwise, we are here to help you scrap or salvage your non-compliant vehicle and upgrade to a ULEZ-compliant car or van.

The new areas are depicted in the following map:

Why Should You Scrap Your Non-Compliant Car or Van?

Starting 29th August 2023, if your vehicle does not meet the ULEZ emissions standards while driving within the ULEZ, you will face a daily charge of £12.50. By scrapping your non-compliant car with Motorwise, you can:

  • Avoid paying the daily ULEZ charges
  • Contribute to improving London's air quality and public health
  • Receive a competitive payment for your old vehicle (Get an instant quote from Motorwise!)
  • Take advantage of the Mayor of London's scrappage scheme (if eligible)

You can check if your car is compliant by clicking here.

Mayor of London's Car Scrappage Scheme

Eligible Londoners receiving certain low-income or disability benefits can apply for the Mayor of London's £110 million scrappage scheme. Applicants may receive a payment to scrap their car or van or choose a lower payment plus one or two TfL Annual Bus & Tram passes worth more than the payment alone.
Furthermore, London-based sole traders, micro-businesses (10 or fewer employees), and registered charities can also apply to scrap or retrofit a van or minibus.

How Motorwise Can Help

At Motorwise, we are committed to making the ULEZ transition as smooth as possible for you. When you choose to scrap your non-compliant vehicle with us, you'll receive a hassle-free and efficient scrapping process, as well as a competitive offer for your old car. If you want to scrap or salvage your non ULEZ compliant car or van, contact Motorwise today!

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