Can you get paid in cash for your scrap car?

If your car has reached the end of life status, or you have a SORN vehicle sitting on your property that you no longer need, you may be looking for a scrapyard. When vehicles are scrapped, their owners receive a payment for the weight of the metal that can then be recycled and repurposed around the world.

Those seeking a cash payment for their scrap car when this point in the proceedings arrives will be sorely disappointed as strict and longstanding laws exist to prohibit such an exchange. In the following sections, we’ll explore why you’re advised to avoid any offer of cash for your scrap car and explain the alternatives.

Official legislation for scrap metal

Ever since the 2013 Scrap Metal Dealers Act was first introduced, it has been illegal here in the UK for enterprises and individuals to offer to issue cash payments for scrap metal, and this includes the metal of scrap cars.

This legislation was implemented to crack down on theft involving cars and other metal items, stopping criminals selling them swiftly and getting cash for the scrap. While there will always be unscrupulous people and firms willing to flaunt the law to make a profit and pay upfront in cash, those with a salvage car in need of scrapping are well-advised to steer clear of them.

The risks of receiving cash for scrap cars

Ask yourself this: if enterprises or individuals are illegally paying cash for car scrap, what other regulations and laws are they possibly breaking? Is this the type of transaction you would like to be associated with or have traced back to your door?

Additionally, environmental concerns require that cars scrapped are depolluted and recycled safely, something you can only be sure of when your vehicle is scrapped by an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) approved by the Environmental Agency.

A licensed vehicle scrap service

Whether you have a minivan or a passenger car, to ensure you stay on the right side of the law when scrapping your vehicle, you can rely on assistance from Motorwise. Operating an established and licensed disposal service you can trust, we provide peace of mind, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your vehicle has been scrapped in line with UK legislation. Contact our professional team today to arrange to have your car scrapped legally.

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