The environmental benefits of scrapping your car

When it comes to scrapping a vehicle, there are many associated benefits. However, it is absolutely essential that, for the scrapping process to be as efficient and effective as possible, everything needs to be done in the very best way. It needs to be done with care, it needs to comply with all regulations and legal requirements and everything must be transparent. When done effectively, this process can also lead to a number of environmental benefits.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits related to scrapping a vehicle in a manner that is altogether ‘proper’.

1. Scrapping reduces greenhouse emissions

During the processes involved with creating new metals for use in the manufacturing sector, masses of greenhouse gases are emitted. By making use of vehicle scrapping, you will be reducing the car industry’s contribution to global warming.

2. Scrapping reduces energy use

Did you know that when some metals are made from recycled materials rather than from scratch, the required energy use decreases by as much as 95%? With specific regard to aluminium, 92% less energy will be used, for copper, it is estimated to be around 90%, while for steel it is closer to 56%. If you commit to scrapping your car you are, therefore, helping the environment.

3. You’ll be able to put the money towards a greener vehicle

One of the most obvious benefits of scrapping a car is that you end up with money in your pocket. This money can then be put towards the purchase of a modern vehicle that has been built with the environment in mind.

4. Scrapping helps the green sector to flourish

If greenhouse emissions are to be cut significantly, and if excessive global warming is to be avoided, then the recycling sector and its associated business are going to play a massive role. It is vital, therefore, to make the process of reusing materials as financially viable as possible, and that means ensuring there is less incentive to mine ore. As the reuse sector grows and expands, the technologies involved will become more efficient, and the overall industry will be increasingly viable. This will bolster the economy, will create jobs, and will be environmentally beneficial.

It may not be something that immediately springs to mind when you are thinking about taking your car to a scrap dealer, but it really does have the capacity to make a significant difference and will play a small but significant role in minimising global warming.

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