Common car scrapping myths and misconceptions busted

When it comes to scrapping your car, some people have inherent worries, which are nearly all unfounded. In fact, if asked, most of these individuals would likely state that their concerns were the result of either an overactive imagination or giving too much credence to a film or TV show they viewed when they were younger.

Scrapping vehicles is an increasingly popular practice, especially in the UK, as it ensures that vehicles are taken apart carefully, are recycled where possible, and do not do any harm to the environment. We even wrote about the environmental benefits of scrapping one’s car in a recent blog.

However, in this piece, we’re going to take a closer look at some scrapping fables and set the record straight.

1. Scrapping a vehicle is ‘sketchy’

Maybe once this would have been the case, but it absolutely is not now. There are numerous regulations and pieces of legislation in place that all scrappers must conform to, and they must also be able to prove the outcomes of all transactions, which means illegitimate scrap yards have fallen by the wayside. Scrapping is, quite simply, as valid as any other business.

2. If you scrap your car, you will be hit by hidden costs and fees

Again, this is simply not the case. Like all businesses large and small, reputation is everything, and scrappers wouldn’t last long if they kept hitting their customers with unexpected charges and hidden fees.

3. You should only scrap your car if it has been written-off

Of course, if your car is written off, then scrapping it is often the best option, but even if your car hasn’t been crashed or trashed, it could still be scrapped. It is actually a very popular alternative to selling for many people, as it means that space can be freed up quickly, and it can even be more beneficial financially than selling.

4. Scrapping a car is a long, drawn-out process

This may once have been the case, but it absolutely is not nowadays. Scrapping is incredibly simple; you only need a few key details and pieces of information to get started, and you will nearly always get a helping hand with any paperwork.

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