Want to switch to an electric car? Scrap your old one!

Petrol and diesel cars, especially older models, are extremely polluting and pose a danger to the environment if society continues to use them in the longer term. An increasing number of people are already switching over to cleaner electric cars, but when you purchase a new electric model, what should you do with your old car?

Car scrappage provides an easy, swift and simple solution to your problems, and here is why:

Car scrappage removes polluting vehicles from the road

Of course, when you buy a new electric car, you could simply sell your old car, but that does not deal with the root of the problem. Your old car is still out there on the roads, emitting the same levels of pollution. Effectively, the pollution issues that concern you have not been dealt with as they have just been shifted elsewhere. By scrapping the car instead, you are making a concerted effort to lower your carbon footprint and reduce the pollution in the world. It might seem like a tiny contribution, but it all adds up.

Car scrappage saves you time and resources

Selling an old car can be a lengthy and costly process. You may need to pay for premium ads and spend time wading through swathes of potential buyers, many of whom are not actually serious about purchasing the car in the first place. When you scrap your car with Motorwise, you take all that stress out of the equation. You can even get your car collected from your home. As a bonus, you'll still make some money on it to put towards your new, cleaner electric car, making it a win-win situation.

The condition of your car doesn't matter

You can easily scrap an old car or one that is in relatively good condition. Either way, disposing of the car can simplify your life, prove to be eco-friendly and give you reassurance. Of course, it is always important to choose a reliable place to scrap your car, so you should check out factors such as legal compliance and environmentally-friendly car disposal before you decide where to scrap your car.

At Motorwise, we are licensed and trusted specialists in responsible car disposal. Ensuring that we are always legally compliant, we can give you peace of mind when you scrap your car with us. To make further enquiries about car scrappage, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful team today.

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