Debunking common scrap car myths

When cars reach the end of their life and are no longer roadworthy, it’s often more economical to scrap them rather than repair them. A process that is seldom performed by conventional car owners, scrapping is often a misunderstood service that drivers only look into when they need it most.

For this reason, many misconceptions have developed over time regarding scrapping. In the following sections, we’ll demystify some of the many myths surrounding this useful and necessary practice.

Will scrap dealers rip you off?

While this may have been true before the Scrap Dealer’s Act became legislation, today, strict rules govern how car owners are paid for their old vehicles. Specialist scrap car collection services work with Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) to ensure that drivers are paid the correct amount for the weight of their scrap metal.

Can you get paid in cash for your car?

No matter what you have heard, any transaction that involves receiving a cash payment for a scrap car is illegal and will put you in breach of the law. Instead, you will be paid directly into a personal bank account, ensuring all sales of scrap metal are fully traceable to cut back on car crime.

Will my scrap car end up in a landfill?

Cars are no longer left to rust in scrap yards or buried beneath the earth here in the UK. Vehicles scrapped by ATFs are first de-polluted with all harmful chemicals disposed of safely to avoid any harm to the planet. Next, all parts of the scrap vehicle that can be recycled are reclaimed so they can be repurposed. This includes not only the metal but plastic elements as well. All materials are separated and often exported to be bought abroad.

Simplify scrapping with expert services

Fortunately, UK car owners looking to get rid of their older makes and models will find scrapping can be handled effortlessly by a professional service. From organising your collection to ensuring you get paid properly, at Motorwise, we have developed a simple system to make life easy for our customers.

First, drop by our website and receive your free no-obligation quote by entering your vehicle’s registration and your postcode. In seconds, you’ll know the exact payment you’ll receive, and we can book a collection time with you.

A driver from the ATF will then pick up your scrap car, issue secure payment to you and produce the Certificate of Destruction once the scrapping process has been completed. 

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