What are the environmental benefits of scrapping your car?

In a world becoming more and more fixated on helping the environment, we must all do our bit to contribute. It doesn’t take much to get involved, and there are greener benefits in places where you wouldn’t expect them – including when scrapping your car. Many people aren't aware of these benefits, so At Motorwise, our expert team has decided to tell all.

It reduces the risk of water contamination

In the past, when a car was scrapped it was done so with complete disregard for the toxic mechanical fluids that live inside your car. Rather than draining these fluids, cars were scrapped with it left inside. This caused many problems, such as water contamination, as the fluid would seep through the scrapped remains of the car. Eventually, it would leak into the land of the scrapyard itself and could find its way into open sources of water, causing contamination. Now, however, environmental rules are in place to stop this from happening. Therefore, an environmental benefit of scrapping your car is that it ensures any toxic fluids are disposed of correctly.

Scrapping your car leads to sustainably recycled spare parts

When you scrap your car, parts that may still be functional such as the battery or the radiator can be recycled. The member of staff that takes your car will check to see which parts are still usable and will remove them before the car is scrapped. This is environmentally beneficial as it means these parts will not be wasted and will be sold in a recyclable manner. In time, it will even reduce the need for spare parts to be freshly made. This limits the emission of greenhouse gases that may occur during spare part production, for example.

It reduces the need to mine

In the UK, the law states that when you scrap your car, the metallic parts taken must be used in a way that prevents the need to mine. By opting for car scrapping, the parts are being recycled, which has numerous benefits. For example, it reduces the need for workers to risk their health inside dangerous mines, as the materials they would find are already available above ground.

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