What is the difference between a 'scrapped' car and a 'salvaged' car?

In the car world, there are very distinct differences between scrapping a car and salvaging one. But don’t worry, our mechanics at Motorwise are here to help you understand the difference!

What does it mean to have ‘scrapped’ a car?

If a car has been or needs to be scrapped, this means that your vehicle can't legally be on the road. This can be down to many reasons. For example, perhaps the car is old and doesn’t run as it should anymore, or maybe the car has failed its MOT and is too costly to repair. The car might have even been damaged beyond the point of repair in a crash. The main point is that a car is scrapped if it's no longer safe to drive and is not worth fixing.

What happens to my car if it's been scrapped?

If your car has been scrapped, this means that it has gone to a government-approved ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility). Here, the car will be deconstructed after it has been drained of any environmentally or toxic fluids that may remain inside. The car will inevitably be crushed and then recycled into something else. It is this metal that may be used again.

What does it mean to have a ‘salvaged’ car?

If your car has been salvaged, this means that there is still some potential left for it to remain on the road. However, it also means that it needs quite extensive repairs before it will be deemed fit enough to drive again. At the very least, it will be stripped apart to get parts for other vehicles in need.

What are the different salvaging categories?

When salvaging a car, there are different categories your vehicle can be placed into. It is important to recognise which one your car belongs to:

Category A – The car must be crushed. It is beyond repair.

Category B – The car cannot be fixed, but it can be stripped for parts.

Category C – The vehicle can be repaired, but it would be too expensive.

Category D – The vehicle can be repaired, and it would cost more than the vehicle’s worth.

Category N – Non-structural damage has occurred.

Category S – Structural damage has occurred, yet the car can be fixed.

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