How scrapping your car can help the environment

As the UK continues to move towards a more environmentally-friendly future, Motorwise wants to ensure that our car scrapping services benefit the environment as much as possible. With this in mind, let's take a closer look at the environmental benefits of scrap car scrapping.

Parts are reused

As well as getting a good deal, scrapping your car with a professional scrap vehicle collection service is good for the environment. Parts can be recycled from your car and reused for other cars. Tyres, mirrors, batteries, radiators and much more can be salvaged and live on in new cars – meaning less waste and less environmentally harmful production of new parts.

In the past, scrapping your car has seemed daunting but licensed specialists aim to make the process as efficient and stress-free as possible. More than 6 million tonnes of material is recycled from cars every year and thousands of UK drivers are now turning to scrapping their old vehicles.

It reduces air and water pollution

The process to create steel for new cars involves burning coal. This creates dirty air pollution and is responsible for 5% of global emissions. Vast amounts of diesel are required for the transportation and drying of coal and millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases are released each year by coal mines across the world for the steelmaking process. By recycling your car, you can reduce the amount of steel needed and join the thousands of people reducing air and water pollution by more than half during the manufacturing process when their recycled steel is used.

Ensures the protection of local habitats and soil

As one of the UK’s largest online car scrap services, we're licensed by the environment agency as a Waste Carrier Broker. Our vehicle disposal process follows rigorous regulations to protect the local environment and recycle valuable metals. All toxic fluids inside salvaged cars are drained safely to prevent any contamination to water systems and our vehicle scrap centre is designed with a solid infrastructure to avoid leakage of toxic materials. Our commitment to the environment begins here with the protection of local, natural habitats and soil.

With the climate crisis at an all-time high, it’s vital we do everything we can to protect our environment’s future and this is the first step you can take. Motorwise has a team of friendly and legally compliant specialists who will make the process as simple as possible so you never have to worry. Protect the environment and recycle your car with Motorwise today.

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