Can my car be salvaged?

Many people are unaware that scrapping your car is not the only option available to you if you decide that you don't want to pay to repair your car, or you decide it is no longer of any value. Salvaging your car is another option that can also be of financial benefit to you rather than simply scrapping it, and is a better option for the environment. Read on to discover if salvaging your car is the best option for you.

Your car is twelve years old, or less

Most cars that are salvaged are younger than the typical age of a scrap car, which is fifteen years old, or more. A salvage car is usually better than a car that is scrapped in regards to the overall condition and the age of the car.

The car has developed a major mechanical fault

Cars that are suitable for salvage have usually developed a major fault such as engine failure, an ECU fault or gearbox failure for example. The cost of repairing the car for major mechanical problems can run into thousands of pounds and it is often difficult for the owner to sell the car or use it in part exchange against a new one.

Other than a mechanical fault the car is in relatively good condition.

If the bodywork of the car is relatively good and other parts of the car are still in good working order, then your car may be salvageable. The working parts of the car can be reused in another vehicle which means your vehicle can be used to give another vehicle a new lease of life and of course this is a lot better for the environment rather than simply scrapping your vehicle.

Salvaging your car is of interest to you

If you've already done some research and decided you'd like to salvage your car, Motorwise should be the first company you contact. Motorwise can re-market salvage cars to trade repairers who can repair the vehicle at a much better price point than the car owner. Or, failing this, they have access to traders that often take cars with good working parts to use in other vehicles. This means you will get a very good price for your salvage vehicle and you do not have the worry of knowing what to do with your car.

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