Should I wait to scrap my car?

Have you got an old car sitting on the driveway but haven’t gotten round to scrapping it yet? After all, what’s the rush? All the parts are still on it, so the price you'll get for it will still be the same, right? While for the most part, this is true, there are some important reasons why you shouldn’t wait to scrap your car.

It’s dangerous

You may not realise it, but allowing your car to gather dust on your drive can be dangerous, especially one that’s been involved in an accident. Children, and even adults, catching their arms or legs on loose parts can lead to injuries that require emergency assistance.

Old cars also have the potential to flake peeling paint and/or leak fluids. If left to ruin, this can be a major health hazard as some car fluids can be toxic – and not just to you, but also to the environment!

It can make you unpopular with your neighbours

Leaving your car rather than scrapping it can make you unpopular with your neighbours. There are two reasons for this. The first is that it can be a pain for them to get around if you leave your car on street, and it can take up valuable parking space – for them, your visitors, and their visitors.

The second reason is that it can drive the value of your neighbourhood down. An old, damaged and rusty car is a major eyesore that will impact the house prices and the reputation of the road you live on.

Abandoned cars can attract unwanted guests

You may read this heading and assume that we’re talking about thieves, and that is the case where spare parts are concerned, which can drive your car’s value down. However, these aren’t the only unwanted guests that your rusting vehicle may attract! Mice, rats, insects and even stray pets such as cats and dogs may decide that your rusting car is the perfect new home for them. If so, you'll then need to find a way of getting rid of them before you can scrap your car, which could prove costly.

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