How are cars dismantled for scrap?

The car scrapping process isn't always a straightforward one. In an attempt to make use of every single part, scrapyards will carefully dismantle cars so they can examine which parts can be reconditioned and sold on, and which parts need to be scrapped with the rest of the car. It’s a more intricate process than you might have first imagined, which is why our team at Motorwise has created this blog post on how scrap dealers and mechanics commonly dismantle cars.

Making sure your car has been depolluted

It’s no secret that a car is full of dangerous fluids that can be harmful not just to mechanics, but also to the environment. This is why good mechanics will make sure that before they start rooting around a vehicle to inspect its parts, it’s been depolluted.

They do this by disconnecting the wires, the exhaust transmission system and engine hoses inside your car so that the remaining oils, fuel, transmission fluids and coolants can be drained. By this point, the airbags and engine have also been removed. If they are left in, this could lead to an explosion.

You might be surprised to learn that these fluids can be recycled once the depolluting process is over. They’re simply bottled up for use in another car.

Stripping the car’s undercarriage

The next stage in dismantling your car is stripping the car’s undercarriage. Using specialist lifting equipment, a mechanic will take off the car’s brake pads, rotors, drums, brake lines, shoes, transmission and exhaust.

Once these parts have been removed, the rest of the car can be dismantled. Among the easiest parts to recycle are the tyres. If they’re in good condition, they can be used on another car. If not, then they can be recycled for use in playgrounds to create tyre swings or are melted down to create running tracks.

Scrapping the car’s body

The car’s wings, bonnet, and bumpers are the next things to be removed from the car, as well as the windows and doors. With just the shell of the car left, the mechanic can get to work on the roof lining, separating this from the roof and cutting out the rear panels. The plastic components here are recycled and are often turned into carpets.

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