How to simplify sorting out a scrap car

When your car keeps failing MOTs and costs more in repairs than it does to run, you’re right to consider getting rid of it. The two options that usually spring to mind will be selling or scrapping. For many motorists, this is the first time they’ve encountered such a situation. While you can take it upon yourself to sell or dispose of your unreliable vehicle, a simpler solution is to contact the experts for assistance.

In the next sections, we’ll explain why dealing with an unwanted vehicle can be difficult and how professionals in salvage and scrap can help.

Swift sales with expert scrappers

Selling a vehicle that that is no longer roadworthy is not always an easy prospect. Car buyers typically want a vehicle that is ready to drive, not a fixer-upper in need of repair work. If you choose to sell the individual components of a car, in an attempt to make some cash, it can take time. You'll also still need to dispose of its shell. Modern breakers yards won’t pick up incomplete cars, deeming the service unprofitable. As a result, at a cost to yourself, you'll need to arrange a tow to the scrap yard.

Using a professional scrap car collection service is quick and easy. A quote can be obtained in seconds, and your car collected for free and taken to an official Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) for scrapping.

Avoid fighting for a fair deal

Selling a scrap car will require bartering with customers, keen to haggle you down on price. If you use a professional scrap car service, you will always receive the right price for your car in scrap metal. If your vehicle is 12 years old or less, its working parts may still have value. As a result, it may be classed as salvage instead of scrap, increasing the size of your payment.

With specialist advice, you can make certain that you get the best price for your vehicle and can add these funds to your savings for a new car.

Peace of mind with professional scrapping

Selling a car or scrapping one can be stressful. The UK has strict laws about how to dispose of vehicles, but with a scrap service, you can rest assured your car was recycled safely and by the book at registered ATF.

If you are now ready to scrap your vehicle, get your free quote now, and our expert team at Motorwise will handle everything else.

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