What is salvaging a car?

You may have heard of scrapping a car and may be considering sending your old car for scrap before getting a new one. This is a good way of making money from an unusable car, after all. However, there is a more reliable way of making more from your old banger. Read on to learn more about the details of salvaging a car and find out why salvage is ideal for your vehicle.

What is salvaging a car?

Where scrapping a car is the process of breaking a car down and using the metal for alternative uses after the fact, salvaging a car is a slightly more gentle process. When salvaging a car the working parts are removed and "donated" to vehicles lacking one or two extra parts. For example, a car with many broken parts but a working gearbox would donate the gearbox to a car needing only gears. Only then, once every working part is removed, is the car scrapped. This typically works for newer cars than those going straight to scrap due to part condition.

What does it mean for me?

Salvaging a car is more profitable than scrapping it. This is because the parts are of use and directly go towards making other vehicles functional again. Rather than buying the value of metal from you, vehicle salvage teams pay for the utility of working parts in addition to the metal. If your car was going to be scrapped anyway, look into salvage as an alternative. It could provide you with plenty more money than you expect to make.

What does it mean for the cars?

Rather than being crunched into a cube of tangled metal, the remnants of your vehicle functionally act as organ donors, shifting vital parts still worthy of function into new hosts. A range of cars receive a new lease of life from the remnants of your unwanted car, and you get paid more than you would for the value of the metal alone. It's a win-win-win!

Who should I call?

If you're interested in vehicle salvage services for your car disposal needs, get in touch with the Motorwise team today. Our quick and easy service ensures that you get value for money every time, and you get the best value possible from what's left of your car. Give us a call today to find out if scrap or salvage is best for you.

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