Which car parts can you recycle?

Recycling your car for scrap has a number of practical and environmental benefits, but do you know which car parts can actually be recycled? We've put together a shortlist of recyclable car parts that can be put to better use after you've scrapped your car.

1) Scrap metal

Vehicles can be made from a wide variety of different metals, including the door handles, rims and chassis. Almost all non-ferrous and ferrous metals can be recycled and sold as scrap by being melted down and reused.

2) Oil filters

Oil filters are essential car components that are designed to filter unwanted substances and dirt out of engine oil before it is used. Oil filters require changing periodically but they can also be recycled, so make sure you don't throw them away and send them to landfill.

3) Engine oil

After some time, motor oil becomes dirty and unusable, but if it is treated correctly, it can be cleaned, filtered and put to use again. This is beneficial to the environment as it prevents the oil from contaminating water sources and soil.

4) The transmission and engine

Even if your vehicle's engine and transmission no longer work properly, the components can be remanufactured and reused at a cheaper price.

5) Auto glass

Windscreen glass is coated in a plastic layer that makes it shatterproof, which can make it quite difficult to recycle but not impossible. Reclaimed windscreen glass can be recycled to make products such as bottles and fibreglass.

6) Tyres

In the past, tyres were notoriously difficult to get rid of, which led to them being burned and causing environmental damage. Now, tyres can be recycled and turned into road surfacing materials.

7) Batteries

Throwing vehicle batteries into a landfill can have a devastating impact on the environment and so they are among the most popular items to recycle.

8) Plastics

Like metals, various types of plastics can be found in different parts of vehicles, including the bumpers and dashboard, which can be separated and then recycled. Plastic is not biodegradable and so it is essential to recycle these materials where possible.

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