Is car condition a factor in scrapping and salvage?

Whether your car has a major mechanical fault that you can’t afford to repair, or it’s outlived its usefulness and keeps failing its MOT, there’s a good chance you’ll be making plans to get rid of it. Salvage and scrap car collection services buy up such vehicles and ensure they are disposed of safely and swiftly.

If you have such a car on your hands, you might be concerned whether its condition will impact whether it will be accepted. Read on to find out more.

Salvage car condition

A car or truck is typically considered salvage if it's less than 12 years old but has serious issues like total engine failure or a non-functional gearbox. At this age, the car's many other parts might be working just fine and as a result, collections services will pay well for them. Salvage vehicles are sometimes worth thousands as opposed to hundreds, which is often the case with scrap cars. The good news is, you’ll be able to discuss your car’s condition with the collection company and find out whether it falls into the salvage category. Experts in salvage and scrap can give you an accurate assessment.

Scrap car condition

Owners of End-of-life vehicle that is typically 15 years old or more usually find they have a scrap car. The condition of a scrap vehicle isn’t commonly a concern as cars are priced by their weight, not the shape there are in. However, to receive the best price and ensure that the car is collected, it should be complete. Sometimes scrap cars are refused by Auto Treatment Facilities (ATFs) when parts have been removed. To be worth collection and processing cost, cars typically need to be intact. When too many components are extracted, vehicles weigh less, and ATFs can’t recoup their expenses.

Specialists in scrap and salvage car collection

At Motorwise, we provide a quick and efficient service for our clients who have unwanted cars they need to recycle. Free quotes for scrap cars can be obtained in seconds and we can then arrange for your vehicle to be picked up at a place and time that best suits your schedule. As soon as it has been depolluted and recycled, you’ll be paid straight into your bank account.

However, if you’re unsure if you have a scrap or salvage car on your hand you can get in touch with our dedicated team today.

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