Which car parts are recycled during scrapping?

When green-minded drivers choose to scrap cars, they’re often keen to discover how much of their vehicle will be recycled and which parts. Environmental laws in the UK state that 95 per cent of a scrap car should be recycled. While most people associate scrap metal with disposing of unwanted cars, today it is possible to reclaim a wide range of materials used in auto manufacturing. In the next sections, we’ve offered an itemised list, so you can see what gets recycled. Read on to find out more.

Car batteries

Before a car is scrapped, vehicles must be depolluted. Car batteries are an important concern in this part of the process. In the past, car batteries were left to leak chemicals into watercourses and ground soil, but today eco-friendlier approaches are used. Batteries are removed and disposed of safely. If they are still in working condition, they can be reused and resold after extraction.

Scrap metal

From brass and copper to stainless steel and aluminium, most scrap metal involved in car construction can be recycled or reused. Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) have built-for-purpose equipment that can separate and reclaim different kinds of metal from crushed vehicles.


During a car’s active service life, it will typically have many sets of tyres. When tyres are no longer fit for the road, they must be recycled efficiently and safely. Outdated methods would often see disused or damaged tyres burned. As a result, toxic fumes were emitted causing increased air pollution and presenting a health risk to human and animal life nearby. Today, scrap car tyres are recycled using cutting-edge processing. The rubber reclaimed from them is put to good use. In some cases, the rubber is employed in road surfacing projects.


A common material found in modern cars plastic was once notoriously tricky to recycle and repurpose. Non-biodegradable in nature, plastic can live for many years and when it starts to break down it can release harmful toxins. However, today many ATFs work with expert recyclers who have pioneered ingenious technology that can recycle plastic reforming it into small plastic beads. In this new form, it can then be reused in car fabrication, making brand-new plastic components.

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