What is the easiest way to sell a salvage car?

When a car has a serious fault that involves its engine or gearbox, the repair work required to replace these vital components can be unaffordable. However, it may occur to you that, although these important and expensive-to-replace parts no longer function, other elements of your vehicle still operate perfectly well.

Car owners will find that selling a vehicle piece-by-piece can be a tiresome process that takes money, time, and energy. Effective advertising and auctions can be costly while scheduling and handling viewings with interested buyers looking for individual car parts is often time-consuming and frustrating. Even when you find a buyer, arguing over price and chasing up payment is often part of the process.

Today, however, there is a more efficient way to sell your faulty vehicle, allowing you to be paid quickly and correctly.

Selling a car classed as salvage

Professional services that also cover scrap car collections can assist you to deal with your malfunctioning car. A vehicle may suffer from a problem as serious as total engine failure but, if it's less than 12 years of age, it might be classed as a salvage car. Experts in auto salvage often pay far more for such cars than they do for scrap because they can sell them to qualified repairers able to repurpose their parts and complete other vehicles.

Swift and efficient services

When you decide not to sell piece by piece but part with a whole salvage car, the process is much faster. A professional salvage service will provide you with a free quotation in seconds. If you're pleased with the price offered, a collection can be booked at a time that suits your schedule. After your vehicle is dealt with, you’ll be paid promptly with the sum you were quoted for your car transferred directly to your current account.

Using a professional collection service is a cost-efficient option way to handle a faulty car that you can’t drive. The service will pick up your salvage car free of charge ensuring you won’t have to pay to have it towed.

Do you need a professional salvage service?

Selling your vehicle for salvage doesn’t need to be difficult. At Motorwise, we deliver a service that is dedicated to ensuring you get paid properly for your vehicle. Get in touch with our expert team today to find out how much your car might be worth and book in a stress-free collection.

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