Why do car owners sell as salvage rather than repair?

From damage sustained in accidents to long years of active service, there are many reasons why cars aren’t in shape to drive on UK roads. If a car is 15 years of age or older, declared to be a total loss, or keeps failing its mandatory MOT, opting to scrap is a wise move. However, when a vehicle is not even 12 years old but has a major malfunction, drivers sometimes consider repairing them. Due to the age of the vehicle, when only one issue exists, the other parts usually have plenty of life left in them.

The problem with repairing a major issue, however, is cost. When a part failure involves a gearbox or engine, the price of replacing or fixing it can be astronomical and well beyond a car owner’s means. Fortunately, another option exists for those with a car of this age with a critical issue. Professional vehicle collection services who handle scrap will also buy salvage vehicles and pay their owners well.

Why is it not economical to repair a major issue?

One of the main reasons that car owners in possession of a salvage vehicle can’t cover the cost involved in repairs is due to the price of skilled labour. As well as paying to replace a critical component, a professional mechanic will add labour costs to their bill.

When car owners use a dedicated salvage vehicle collection service, their car is typically sold to a trade professional who already has the necessary skill to remove and replace parts or repair them. As these trained mechanics are willing to pay handsomely for such vehicles, salvage car services can pass this benefit on to car owners offering them far higher prices than those awarded to scrap.

Prompt payment for your salvage car

Regardless of whether your car is classed as salvage or scrap, no cash will be exchanged when payment is made. Since 2013, the Scrap Metal Dealers Act made this type of transaction illegal. Conveniently, car owners are paid into their bank accounts instead. This swift and easy payment method is far more attractive than alternatives and allows you to put the money towards buying a new car if you wish.

Specialist in auto salvage collection services

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