When might scrap services refuse to collect a vehicle?

Official car recycling operations specialise in taking End-of-Life-Vehicles (ELVs) and processing them for scrap or repurposing parts in other vehicles when they are salvageable. However, to access these useful services and be paid for your unwanted car, certain conditions must be met. Read on to find out more.

Your car is incomplete

The price of scrap is not impacted by a car's overall condition but is directly related to its weight. As a result, a vehicle must be complete for its owner to receive the optimum price for it. In some cases, car owners believe that if they sell components from their vehicle prior to scrapping, they will make some extra money. However, there are risks involved in such a decision. If parts are removed from a car, its weight will be impacted, and the scrap and salvage collection service may find it no longer equitable to pick up and purchase it.

Your car is not as you described

When you receive a quote for a scrap car, you'll be asked to assess its condition and state of completeness. Car owners are given the benefit of the doubt that they will honestly describe their unwanted vehicle. However, if on collection day the driver arrives to pick up the vehicle and it doesn’t match the description that you gave, they may reduce the quote initially offered or refuse to take your car away.

Your car is unsafe or inaccessible

On collection day, it is your responsibility to ensure that your scrap or salvage vehicle is in a place that is easily accessible and safe. At a minimum, your car should always be on flat and solid ground with all its tyres pumped, and ready to roll. If there is limited parking where you live, you can arrange with the collection service to pick it up from somewhere with more space nearby or at your workplace, but you will need to bring proof of your identity.

Avoiding wasted journey fees

If a salvage or scrap car collection service chooses not to take your vehicle due to any of the above scenarios, they may decide to charge you for their wasted journey. This fee typically covers the time and fuel costs involved in driving to your address instead of collecting another vehicle.

Describe your car accurately, leave it intact and ensure it’s easily accessible and let Motorwise handle the rest.

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