Scrapping your car: the green choice

As we grow more aware of the need to adopt more environmentally friendly practices in order to protect the planet, working out how to make the best use of scarce resources is important. Across the globe, companies and consumers are trying to find ways to reduce their consumption of primary materials, re-use resources where possible and recycle what they can. These practices are particularly important when it comes to using waste in a productive manner. Waste material that isn't repurposed isn't just throwing away valuable resources, it's also creating landfill and potentially polluting the planet. Unwanted vehicles are no exception. Here we take a look at how scrapping a car or truck can be one of the greenest decisions you'll make.

Supplying the secondhand market

When your vehicle is scrapped, usable parts are often stripped out for resale on the secondhand market. Whilst this type of recycling is impractical and unsafe to do on an individual basis, experienced professionals are able to ensure that salvageable parts find a useful destination.

Recycling materials

Vehicles contain a wide range of different materials, many of which can be recycled to make fresh items. Obviously metals are ideal candidates for recycling, which is why many parts of the vehicle can simply be melted down and reused. In addition to the metallic components, rubber hoses, carpets, seat belts, windscreens, mirrors and even wipers can all be recycled to make new items. Some sources suggest that as much as 90% of a scrapped car can be reused in some way.

Reuse and safe disposal of fluids

As well as solid components, vehicles also contain everything from oil and fuel through to steering fluid, brake fluid and more. As part of the recycling process, the usable fluids are collected, cleaned if necessary and reused. Fluids which can't be recycled are collected and disposed of safely. This is an important environmental benefit of the scrap process as, if disposed of irresponsibly, motor vehicle fluids can become a significant hazard to plants, animals and people.

Responsible scraping is a way to ensure that your old vehicle is repurposed as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. Rather than allow a wreck to slowly degenerate, wasting valuable resources, why not arrange for it to be taken away? Get in touch to arrange a time to pick up your scrap car, or to learn more about how scrapped vehicles are recycled.

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