Why scrapping is superior to selling a car piece by piece

When a vehicle has been running for 15 years, it can begin to experience issues beyond basic wear and tear. Roadside breakdowns and failed MOTs can result in inconvenient situations and expensive rental vehicles. Scrapping these unreliable cars is by far the best option, but despite this, many car owners make the mistake of attempting to sell the parts to try and recoup their costs.

While it is understandable that when you have spent money on repairs and replacement parts you might consider putting them up for auction, selling your car in its complete form to a specialist scrap collection service has many advantages. Below you’ll find out why this is and who can help you deal with your vehicle the quick and easy way.

Swift and convenient

Selling individual car components is a notoriously time-consuming task. Instead of just one transaction where a vehicle is purchased in seconds, a piecemeal approach requires several sales. Each sale usually demands taking multiple images for listings, writing descriptions, posting advertisements, monitoring buyer interest, and replying to customer communications.

Additional information or photos may be requested, and personal viewings may need to be arranged. To sell parts, you’ll also need to spend time doing research to ensure you price them accurately and you’ll likely need some negotiating skills to make sure hagglers don’t get the better of you.

On the other hand, when you sell a complete vehicle to a professional collection service, the process is far faster. A free quote can be obtained within minutes and moments later, a collection time can be booked. Once the vehicle has been taken to the Authorised Treatment Facility and dealt with, you’ll be paid the exact sum you were quoted.

Paid for the weight

If you choose to sell your unreliable vehicle to a scrap service, you’ll be paid for the weight of its recyclable metals. Should you try and sell parts of the car prior to scrapping, the value of your vehicle may be greatly reduced. In some cases, the collection service may refuse to take a vehicle away if it no longer has enough parts to make it equitable for them, making selling a whole car always the best choice.

For a fast and efficient scrap car collection service, visit Motorwise today and let us make life easier for you.

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