5 signs of gearbox failure

Having problems with your gearbox can be extremely dangerous and often people miss the signs their car is giving them until it's too late. A faulty gearbox can also be very expensive to repair, so knowing what to look out for can ensure you get repairs done before the damage becomes more serious. Here are 5 signs telling you your gearbox needs replacing.

1. Fluid leakage

Leaking automatic transmission fluid is a clear sign that there is something wrong with your gearbox as it's there to reduce friction and overheating.

Leaking fluid should never be ignored and can be spotted under your vehicle, varying in colour from red and brown to black depending on if the fluid has already begun to burn, meaning the problem is even more serious.

2. Poor response from your gears

A tell-tale sign that your gearbox has become faulty is if your gears are not working as they usually would.

If you drive a manual car, you may find you are having trouble changing gear - whether it's a delay, complete refusal, or an increase in revs.

For those with an automatic, this may be more difficult to spot but you may still notice your car remaining in low gear for too long and this should also be checked out immediately.

3. Check your dashboard warning lights

Every car has a check engine light to help you spot a variety of issues that could be going on in your car. One of these issues could be a faulty gearbox, so the warning light should never be ignored.

Take your vehicle to the garage straight away to be checked over for any potential issues before they become serious.

4. Listen for audible noises

It’s a common occurrence to be sat in your car and hear a noise that doesn’t sound entirely normal. It’s also common to ignore unusual noises, but this should be avoided as these sounds could be an indication of a damaged gearbox.

Listen out for banging or clanking noises when changing gear as this could be a good indicator that you have loose gears that need to be tended to immediately to avoid serious accidents.

5. Burning smell

The smell of rubber is often a bad sign when it comes to your car and could be caused by a transmission problem.

This can lead to a gearbox fault due to a lack of necessary lubrication, so make sure to take note of any abnormal odours coming from your car.

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