Common causes of car engine failure

If a car owner neglects their engine, it can result in total failure. To run effectively, engines need care and adequate fluids - a lack of which can see them unable to function. However, engine failure is not always the fault of the registered keeper. When used over an extended period, the components of engines can degrade and may no longer work. Furthermore, some cars can be manufactured with a faulty seal or damaged cylinder and fail before their time.

Fortunately, if repairs are too expensive for an owner or no longer viable due to vehicle age, there is an option available to help. If a car with an engine failure has become too old for active service, it can be collected by a scrap service, while a younger vehicle with life left in the rest of its parts but an engine fault can be sold as salvage. In either case, the owner will be paid the top rate for their car and can recoup some of their investment.

In this blog, we’ll detail three common causes of engine failure. Read on to learn more.

1. Insufficient air and fuel compression

Inadequate compression of both air and fuel inside an engine can quickly lead to disaster. Poor engine combustion is most commonly caused by holes within cylinders, broken valve seals, and overused piston rings. All these issues force air to leak from the engine.

2. Poor lubrication

A car engine must receive adequate oil between its moving components. Insufficient lubrication cause friction overheating engines or causing them to seize up. As a result, scheduled services and regular oil changes are essential.

3. Ageing spark plugs

An issue for more venerable vehicles, aged spark plugs deliver weak ignition that stops engines from turning over and igniting compressed a car’s fuel. It can cause long-term engine damage and is often identified by inefficient fuel economy.

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