About ATF’s (Authorised Treatment Facilities)

An Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) is a facility that has been approved by the UK government to carry out treatment of end-of-life vehicles.

Environmental Standards

ATFs must meet strict environmental standards and be certified by the Environment Agency. This ensures that the vehicles are disposed of in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.

Illegal Scrapyards in the UK

Illegal scrapyards in the UK will operate without these approvals, which can pose a serious risk to the environment and public health. ATFs provide a legal and safe option for disposing of end-of-life vehicles.

Certificates of Destruction

Certificates of destruction are issued by ATFs to confirm that a vehicle has been properly disposed of. This is important for ensuring that the vehicle cannot be re-registered and used on the road again.

Safe and Legal

If you are thinking of disposing of an end-of-life vehicle, make sure to use an Authorised Treatment Facility (such as those who work with Motorwise) to do so. This will ensure that the vehicle is disposed of safely and legally.

ATF Standards

The ATF must meet the following standards:

It must have a permit or licence from the Environment Agency

It must be able to track vehicles from arrival to departure

It must issue certificates of destruction

It must keep records of all vehicles that it has treated

Regular Inspections

In order for an ATF to be certified, it must undergo regular inspections by the Environment Agency. The agency will check that the facility is operating according to the law and meets all of the required standards.

If you are thinking of disposing of an end-of-life vehicle, contact Motorwise. This will ensure that your vehicle is disposed of safely and legally. Motorwise ATF partners pay you for your scrap car and to learn how much your car is worth, enter your registration here!

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