10 Tips to save Fuel in Your Car

In today’s difficult economic climate we are all trying to make savings. Almost everything is increasing in cost, so to help you save, we’ve put together these 10 tips on how to save fuel in your car!

1. Drive less. This may seem obvious, but cutting down on the amount you drive is one of the most effective ways to save fuel. If possible, travel with friends (or invite them to travel with you of course!) use public transportation, or ride your bike instead of driving whenever you need to go somewhere close to home..

2. Make sure your car is well-maintained. A car that isn’t running smoothly can waste a lot of fuel. Regular servicing and oil changes will help keep your car running efficiently and help you save money at the pump.

3. Don’t wait until your tank is empty to fill up. Fuel evaporates more quickly when it’s low, so you’ll end up losing money if you wait until you’re almost out of fuel to fill up.

4. Slow down. Fuel economy drops significantly when you drive over 60 mph, so try to keep your speed a little lower if you can do so safely.

5. Accelerate gradually. Sudden starts and stops waste fuel, so it’s best to accelerate slowly and smoothly while driving.

6. Use cruise control. If you’re going on a long trip, setting your cruise control can help you maintain a consistent speed and save fuel.

7. Keep your windows closed. When it’s hot outside, it may be tempting to roll down your windows to stay cool, but this can actually increase drag and decrease fuel efficiency. Instead, use your car’s air conditioning to stay cool and help save fuel.

8. Remove unnecessary weight from your car. Extra weight in the boot can decrease fuel economy by 1-2%, so if you’re carrying around any unnecessary weight, get rid of it!

9. Check Fuel Prices. Shopping around for your petrol or diesel before you embark on a journey can pay dividends. You can read more about how to find cheap fuel near you in this blog:

10. Plan your route before you drive. Taking the time to plan out the most efficient route before you start driving can help you avoid getting stuck in traffic and wasting fuel.

All of these tips will save you money on your petrol or diesel and will keep the fuel in your tank for longer

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