10 Tips For Preparing Your Car For Summer Driving

As the British summer arrives, it's time to plan those much-anticipated road trips and enjoy the scenic beauty of the countryside. Before embarking on your summer driving adventures, it's important to ensure that both your vehicle and its occupants are prepared for the journey. This blog post will provide ten tips to help you prepare for summer driving in the UK, from checking your tyres and fuel to preparing the occupants with essentials like drinks and snacks.

1 . Inspect and Maintain Your Tyres

Before hitting the road, thoroughly inspect your tyres for any signs of wear or damage. Check the tread depth to ensure it meets the legal requirements (at least 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre). Also, check the tyre pressure regularly and inflate them to the manufacturer's recommended levels for a safe and comfortable drive.

2 . Ensure Sufficient Fuel

Long drives often mean stretches of road with limited petrol stations. Having sufficient fuel before setting off on your journey is advisable, especially if you are venturing into remote areas. Planning ahead and knowing where the fuel stations are located along your route can help avoid any unnecessary stress.

3 . Check Washer Bottle and Wiper Blades

Clear visibility is crucial for safe driving, especially during summer showers. Make sure your washer bottle is filled with good-quality windscreen washer fluid. Check the condition of your wiper blades, and if they are worn out or leaving streaks, replace them for optimal performance.

4 . Test Your Air Conditioning System

The UK might not be known for extreme heat, but a well-functioning air conditioning system on a warm summer's day can make your journey much more comfortable. Before you hit the road, test your air conditioning system to ensure it's cooling effectively. If it's not performing optimally, consider having it serviced by a professional.

5 . Inspect Your Vehicle's Bodywork

Give your car's bodywork a thorough inspection to identify any areas of rust or damage. Fixing these issues early on will prevent them from worsening due to exposure to summer elements like heat and rain. A good wash and wax will also help protect your car's paintwork from the sun's harmful UV rays.

6 . Check and Top-up Essential Fluids

Regularly check and top up the essential fluids in your vehicle, including engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. Adequate levels of these fluids are essential for your car's optimal performance, especially during long drives in warm weather conditions.

7 . Prepare Essential Supplies

As the driver, it's important to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Carry a bottle of water, some snacks, and a fully charged mobile phone with a car charger. In case of an emergency or if you find yourself stranded, having these essentials can provide comfort and help you stay connected.

8 . Inspect and Maintain Interior Comfort

Before setting off, take a moment to clean your car's interior. Clear away any clutter, dust, or debris. Check the condition of the seats, ensuring they are comfortable and adjustable for long drives. It's also a good idea to have sunshades for the windows to help keep the interior cool during hot days.

9 . Plan and Research Your Route

To avoid unexpected delays or road closures, plan your route in advance. Use online maps and traffic updates to find the most efficient and least congested routes. Familiarise yourself with the road conditions and any diversions that might be in place.

10 . Perform a General Safety Check

Lastly, conduct a general safety check of your vehicle before embarking on your summer driving adventure. Test all lights, including headlights, indicators, and brake lights, to ensure they are functioning correctly. Check the condition and expiry date of your spare tire and ensure you have the necessary tools to change a flat tire if needed.


These ten tips will help you have a safe and enjoyable experience on the road. So, pack your bags, buckle up, and get ready to create unforgettable memories during the sunny British summer days ahead.

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