Surprising benefits of scrapping your car

Buying a new car is always a joy. Whether it’s a brand new vehicle, or just new to you, huge amounts of care and consideration will have gone into your choice. However, you always have the question of what to do with your old vehicle. The obvious answer is to sell it, but what about scrapping it? An increasing number of people are turning to scrappage and the reasons for this are clear.

At Motorwise, we pride ourselves on our car scrappage system. We are experts in our field and know that there are many surprising benefits to scrapping cars.

1. It’s good for the environment

When cars are scrapped, the metal used throughout the vehicle is recycled, meaning that there is a reduced need for more metal to be extracted from the earth. Scrapped cars can be used to make a whole range of things, from tins to kitchen implements. Recycling and reusing metal emits significantly fewer greenhouse gasses than extracting new metal, so scrapping cars helps you to help the environment.

2. Saves energy

As well as being good for the environment through reduced greenhouse gases, recycled metal also helps to save energy too. Creating items from recycled aluminium results in 92% energy saved than if the item were made from new aluminium, and this is 90% for copper and 56% for steel. This will have a significant impact on your carbon footprint and will show that you really do care for the planet.

3. It’s good value for money

While scrapping a car may mean you get slightly less money than if you were to sell it (although this isn’t always the case!), it is often the best way to get the best value for money. Scrapping a car will give you a fixed amount of money instantly, and removes all the time and energy that you would put into place promoting, marketing and showing the car if trying to sell it. It also means that you get your money straight away, rather than if you were trying to sell it which gives you no guarantee of getting any money.

If you are considering scrapping your car, then you should call us as soon as possible! We can give you instant information and ensure that the whole process will be smooth and easy for you. For more information about our vehicle scrap service, contact us at

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