How is a scrapped car recycled?

We know that car scrapping can make sense financially, as well as benefiting the environment. But what actually happens to your car after you send it for scrappage? And how are the specific parts used? In this article, we examine the process of car scrapping more closely.

How are auto parts used?

A good vehicle scrap service will hardly waste a single part - as much as 95 per cent of a vehicle will be recycled in some way. Everything from belts to oil filters, carpets, glass, batteries, tyres and the steel can be used to make something else. For example, did you know that many recycled tyres are used for making new roads? Glass taken from windows can be used in the creation of tile flooring, countertops, and even jewellery! Then there is the iron and steel from a car, which has a broad range of uses.

What are the stages of car scrappage?

The first step once the car has been left at the recycling facility and undergone a comprehensive inspection is the dismantling of the car. This can begin with the draining of fluids such as fuel, oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze and water. These various liquids will be collected and kept separately - they can then either be disposed of responsibly or, in the case of oil and fuel, filtered before being re-used.

Typically, the transmission and car engine will be lifted from the chassis of the vehicle, before the parts which can be reused are taken apart and cleaned. Components like batteries and tyres are taken out for either recycling or resale.

Some of the parts which are reusable can be sold on to car part retailers or remanufacturers. Alternatively, they can be used in the repair of other vehicles.

Get crushing

Now all of the recyclable vehicle parts which are not steel or metal have been taken out, it is time to process the car body itself. These different metals are usually crushed into a condensed metal bale. They can then be transported to a recycling centre, for shredding and separation into smaller pieces, which are organised according to the type of metal.

Car shredders themselves can be huge machines. Did you know that the biggest car shredder in the world is situated in Indiana, USA? It is so huge that it is measured in acres!

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