Ghosts of the Road: Exploring the World's Most Haunted Highways

The thrill of the open road can often come with unexpected passengers: tales of unexplained phenomena and sightings of spectral figures. Across the globe, specific stretches of highway are wrapped in legends of ghostly occurrences, drawing the curious and brave to explore these haunted routes. Here, we delve into some of the world’s most haunted highways, uncovering the stories that make them so spine-chilling.

1. The A75 Kinmount Straight, Scotland

Often described as the most haunted highway in Scotland, the A75 Kinmount Straight has been the site of numerous ghost sightings. Travellers have reported seeing everything from Victorian-era figures to phantom lorries disappearing into thin air. One of the most famous encounters involved a couple who saw a menagerie of creatures, including a hen, running towards their car, followed by an old woman and a screaming man.

2. Stocksbridge Bypass, England

Opened in 1988 near Sheffield, the Stocksbridge Bypass quickly became known for supernatural occurrences. During its construction, security guards reported seeing children playing late at night despite no residential areas nearby. Drivers have also claimed to see a ghostly monk on the bridge, creating an eerie atmosphere that has made this road infamous among ghost hunters.

3. Clinton Road, New Jersey, USA

Clinton Road in West Milford, New Jersey, is famed for its strange phenomena, including ghost sightings and mysterious gatherings. Perhaps the most unnerving is the tale of the ghost boy at the bridge, who supposedly throws coins back at visitors who leave them on the bridge at midnight. The dense woods and dark water add to the road's haunting ambience, making it a notorious spot for paranormal enthusiasts.

4. E8 Expressway, Malaysia

The E8 Expressway, known as the Karak Highway, has been a hotspot for supernatural sightings in Malaysia. Travellers have reported seeing everything from a lost child wandering the road to a yellow Volkswagen that appears with no driver. The road runs through rugged terrain, which some believe contributes to the frequent, unexplainable occurrences reported there.

5. Highway 666, USA

Renamed in 2003 to U.S. Route 491 due to its unsettling connotations, Highway 666 was dubbed the "Devil’s Highway" because of its original numbering and the high number of accidents and strange events reported along the route. Stories range from sightings of a black sedan that appears out of nowhere to the apparitions of hellhounds that chase drivers along the road.

6. Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland

The Belchen Tunnel has earned its reputation through sightings of a mysterious old woman known as the "White Lady", who is said to appear out of nowhere and warn motorists of impending disasters. Though her origins are unclear, many believe she is a benevolent spirit looking out for travellers.


These haunted highways remind us that, sometimes, the journey is just as intriguing and unsettling as the destination. Whether these stories are the product of local folklore, optical illusions, or something genuinely paranormal, they continue to fascinate and frighten those brave enough to travel these roads. For the intrepid explorer or the curious sceptic, visiting these haunted highways offers a unique way to connect with the more mysterious aspects of our world’s cultural heritage. So next time you hit the road, keep an eye out; you never know who or what you might pick up.

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