The two most environmentally friendly ways of dealing with your old car

Vehicle recyclers are becoming an increasingly popular choice for drivers who want to scrap their old vehicles. It wasn't so long ago that your only real option was to have the car completely scrapped, but in recent years there have been other developments to attempt to minimise the environmental impact of our vehicles.

So, when you scrap your vehicle with Motorwise, there are two options before scrapping.

Returning to the road

Not every car is scrapped because it's not roadworthy. Many times perfectly usable vehicles are scrapped because they are simply too old or the owner fancied a change and just wanted to get rid of their old vehicle quickly. If a vehicle is roadworthy, there's no reason it can't continue to be used. As such, if your car is in good enough and usable condition it may actually be sold on for someone else to use.

Sometimes scrapping occurs as the result of accident damage or a breakdown. But if the damage is relatively easily repairable, or the fault with the car is comparatively small, it can be repaired and the vehicle put back on the road under the relevant category for a salvaged vehicle.

Either way, it means a useable vehicle isn't wasted.


If the vehicle can't return to the road in one piece, there are still many parts of it that can be recycled. The tires, glass, metal panels, seat fabric, even wiring - many potentially recyclable parts are in a car, even if it's no longer usable on the road. As such, the vehicle will be thoroughly stripped of all its reusable parts before the final carcass of the vehicle is processed for scrap.

Both of these options mean that as much use as possible is had from the vehicle - whether it goes on to be used as a car or its components go on to be used in a variety of other processes. The vehicle will not just sit gradually melting into the ground under the elements, polluting the earth. This is an important consideration if you want to minimise the environmental impact of scrapping your vehicle.

If this is a consideration for you, please contact Motorwise today - we are specialist vehicle recyclers who are fully certified by the Environmental Agency. Responsible vehicle processing is what we do, and we will offer you both a fair price for your old vehicle and convenient nationwide collection as well.

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