The benefits of scrapping your old car

When your car is old and you need a replacement, you may be torn between two choices; scrapping or selling your old car. While selling your car may seem like an attractive choice, if your car is very old and has a lot of miles under its belt, you’re unlikely to get a good price for it. Scrapping your car is a great alternative which can give you money as well as being better for the environment. To learn more about the benefits of scrapping your old car, continue reading.

Extra cash

Most car disposal companies will pay for your car. Although it is now worthless to you, the metal from your old car is very valuable to car scrapping companies. Depending on the model of your car, you may get more money. Therefore, shop around for a few different quotes before choosing a company. Many companies will also pick up your car for you, which saves you time and stress.

Save room in your garage

You may have been trying to sell your old car for a long time, with no prospective buyers. This means the car is taking up valuable space in your garage or on your driveway. Getting your car scrapped will instantly get rid of this problem, and you’ll have the room to get a brand-new one.


Scrapping your car doesn’t only benefit you, it is also better for the environment. When your car is scrapped, the metal is then recycled. This means that the metal from your old car could be used to make new products in the future, reducing the need for new metal to be made. Greenhouse gases are emitted when metal is produced, which hurts the environment. Scrapping your car can prevent this.

Economic benefits

The recycling industry will see many economic benefits when you scrap your car. Recycling metal is a lot more cost-effective than mining ore, the process used to make metal. This is because, with recycling, the metal only needs to be melted and reshaped, rather than smelted.

If you’re looking to scrap your car, then Motorwise can help. We offer a car recycling service to recycle your unwanted car, which is quick, simple and hassle-free. For more information, contact us today.

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