Should I just take my car to the scrap yard?

It can be tough to face the reality that your vehicle has ‘reached the end of the road.’ Particularly if it is a family car or a beloved set of wheels that’s been reliable and much used for many years. 

The turning point for many motorists is when the cost of repairs starts mounting up. Perhaps it’s failed its MOT and the bill to get it through is bigger than the cost of a younger replacement.

With a heavy heart, you could be thinking “Where is there a scrapyard near me?”

A sustainable alternative to car scrap yards

Before you consign your vehicle to its traditional final resting place, it is recommended that you consider giving it a chance of ‘rebirth’. By this, we don’t mean some miraculous new mechanic who gets old cars back on the road for a low cost.

We are referring to the fact that instead of arranging delivery to a scrap yard, you could have your car collected to be recycled!

Traditional scrap yard vs vehicle recyclers

One of the benefits of recycling over scrap yards is that you get to support the sustainability agenda, and make a strong environmental statement. Vehicle recyclers have expertise in stripping all reusable materials and components and they take a highly responsible attitude to disposal of any residual waste.

Recyclers are licensed and closely regulated, to ensure that their vehicle scrap service is both fair and up to date on recycling protocols and goals.

You can even arrange scrap car collection from a professional vehicle disposal company, for extra peace of mind and convenience.

How much is actually recycled?

Of course, traditional scrap yards have always made their money from putting a handful of vehicles back on the road after repairs or stripping off metal that has an onward sale value.

So, what’s the difference between that and a specialist car recycling service?

You might be amazed to learn just how much can be reused, from some of the fluids drained from engines to batteries, tyres and windscreens. Glass and rubber from recycled vehicles can find their way into a multitude of new purposes these days.

Even hoses, seats and car floor mats can contribute to a substantial amount of recyclable parts!

The aim is to use modern technology and an expert eye to recycle as much as possible, leaving a small fraction of waste to be disposed of in a careful way.

So, when it's time to send your car to the 'motorway in the sky', think recycling, not scrapyards!

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