How to save the planet (and make some money) by recycling your old car

Picture a scrapyard. Rusting hulls piled sky high, flat tyres and smashed glass strewn all over the place. Hardly the first image that comes to mind when asked for an example of an eco-friendly process. Across Europe, 7-8 million tonnes of waste is attributed to end of life vehicles every year.

At Motorwise, we work with dedicated recycling centres to reduce this waste. You can rest assured that your scrapped vehicle won’t be left to rot in a landfill site. We and all our partner facilities are licensed and regulated by official environmental agencies in the UK.

Here are just a few of the benefits of recycling your old car:

No harmful chemicals leaking into the ground

From petrol and coolants to motor oil and brake fluids, your car is full of various liquids that could cause serious damage if they’re not disposed of properly. Our vehicle recyclers will ensure that all hazardous materials are properly drained, stored and disposed of in a safe and professional manner.

Recycled steel minimises air pollution

Your scrap car is roughly 65% steel and iron. Any steel recovered from your end of life vehicle means less being produced in steel mills across the world. As well as slashing carbon emissions, this also safeguards the planet's limited iron ore resources. Recycling metal uses around 75% less energy than manufacturing it. Steel mining also causes soil pollution and erosion, which has a terrible knock-on effect for any surrounding wildlife and plants.

Some parts can be re-used

Not all the cars we recycle are total write-offs, and some have parts that can be refurbished or reused in other vehicles. This again reduces the need for new parts to be manufactured and conserves valuable resources. For example, the lithium in your battery is tricky to obtain. It’s projected to be in short supply in a few years time, so any that can be re-used will lessen the impact of any potential shortage in supply.

If you like the sound of rescuing the world from climate change as well as clearing your garage and earning some money, you can enter your registration number on our website for a free quote, or give us a call on 0845 217 7057. You’ll get a great price for your scrap, and we offer a scrap vehicle collection service. Why not contact us today and join thousands of other satisfied customers?

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