Benefits of scrapping a vehicle in winter

If you have been considering scrapping a vehicle in your possession, scrapping your car before winter is often advisable. We outline the benefits of scrapping your vehicle in winter below.

1. Ensure your safety

When driving in icy or extremely wet winter conditions, it is essential you have high-quality tyres. If you have an old or second-hand car, its tyres are probably worn or have lost their pressure. Instead of purchasing expensive replacement tyres or worse, driving with unsafe tyres in winter, scrapping your car is often a safer and more cost-effective option.

2. Save on fuel costs

In winter, temperatures around the UK drop significantly, meaning the use of car heaters becomes a necessity. The majority of heaters in old cars require fuel to operate, meaning cars burn more fuel in winter in order to keep the interior of the car warm and the engine functional. For this reason, heating and driving an old car in winter can be very expensive. If you are considering scrapping a vehicle, doing so before or during winter can save you significant fuel costs.

3. Utilise your storage space

During winter, many homeowners in the UK find their storage space is at a premium. Whether they have to accommodate the car of a relative who is home for the holidays or find additional storage space to store Christmas presents, homes and garages can quickly become over-cramped during winter. Scrapping a vehicle in winter will provide new storage space for a home and ensure no space within a garage is being wasted.

4. Receive a financial bonus

Winter can be a particularly expensive time for many homeowners in the UK. Some families are crippled by the costs of an expensive Christmas whereas some individuals struggle to cover their energy bills due to the additional heat and energy needed during winter. Scrapping your car can be a great way to make money and receive a financial bonus during winter. Scrapped cars are valued on weight, not condition, so even extremely old or broken cars can be worth a significant amount.

How to scrap your car before or during winter

If you’re thinking “I need to scrap my car”, do not hesitate to contact Motorwise today. We provide a scrap car collection service, enabling you to scrap your car without having to drive it on dangerous icy winter roads. Get in touch to learn more.

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