What actually happens at a scrap yard?

In the UK, thousands of cars are scrapped every year. Scrapping old cars is a great option for those whose cars have lost their value and can’t be sold. It’s also and quick and easy way to get rid of the old car while also gaining some extra cash. But do you know exactly what happens to your old car when it gets scrapped? To learn more about the process, continue reading.

Vehicle Depollution Process

This is the first step of scrapping an old car. Any hazardous materials are removed and parts that can be used are salvaged. During this process, the lead-acid battery is removed first, as the chemicals inside this can harm the environment. Then, the tyres are removed and recycled at a specialist centre. Liquid Petroleum Gas tanks are removed as well as airbags. These could explode because of the chemicals in them. Seat belt pre-tensioners are also removed at this point. Then any fuels, coolants, oils and anti-freeze are removed and any other hazardous materials will be disposed of.

Catalytic converter

If the old car has a catalytic converter, this will also be removed. During its time on the road, this will have come into contact with lots of pollutants. Switches that contain mercury chemicals will also be taken away. Once all of the pollutants have been removed, the car is safe to be crushed. When crushed, the metals, fibres and plastics will all be separated and recycled accordingly.

What’s next?

The recycled metal from the old car can be used to make various other things. Once the metal is melted down and reshaped, it can be transformed into a completely different product. Plus, aluminium and steel can be recycled numerous times without their quality being affected. This metal can be used in food packaging, train tracks, furniture and even to make new cars. Recycling is great for the environment because it reduces the amount of metal that needs to be made every year. This is also good news for the economy, as the industry employs thousands of people in the UK.

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