Why you should scrap your car before the cold weather sets in

When the cold weather begins to roll in thick and fast thanks to Autumn's arrival, it can be hard to get the motivation to do anything. After all, the mornings are still dark and the afternoons not as light for as long - not to mention the cold that chills your bones before you even think of stepping out of bed in the morning.

The cold has the same effect on your old car as it does on you. When it starts getting cold, you should really begin to think about scrapping the car just sitting on your driveway, or in the garage. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

Reduced battery life

When the weather is cold, batteries have a reduced ability to deliver the current that they need to. Batteries are also more likely to corrode or leak during Autumn and Winter, further damaging your car. To avoid this, a car needs to be kept warm, and ideally ran for a bit every day at a minimum. If your car is just sitting unused, there is little point in keeping it as the battery will likely be damaged beyond use. True, you could pay for a new battery, but it's likely to be cheaper to just scrap it.

Thicker car fluids

Your car's fluids, such as its oil, antifreeze, and wiper, brake and transmission fluids also suffer when the weather gets cold. Lower temperatures cause the oil to thicken, lowering its ability to function as it's supposed to. This can be quite troublesome to clean out and replace, depending on the length of time, so minimise the risk of you having to clean it by scrapping the vehicle before the oil gets chance to settle.

Decreased tire pressure

Colder temperatures won't take long to compress your tires, reducing the pressure below its recommended number. This could make the tires flat and unsafe to drive, meaning you're wasting time and space by leaving it sitting where it is. By taking your car to the vehicle disposal company at the start of the cold season, you're freeing up significant storage space to be used for other means (such as Christmas goodies, if your car was in a garage!).

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