What happens to scrap car metal?

There are many benefits to scrapping your old car, including getting rid of it quickly and easily and giving you some extra cash. But did you know that there are also environmental benefits to scrapping your old car? This is because the metal from your scrapped car is recycled and turned into new products. To learn about the surprising uses for scrapped car metal, continue reading.


Most commonly, metal recycled from old cars is used in the transport industry. It is used to build roads and tracks, and also sometimes used in building new trains. Train tracks are largely made from reused steel, which is known for its strength. Some new cars also are made from scrap metal from recycled cars. Metals such as aluminium and steel can be recycled over and over again without losing their quality. This is great for the environment as it means there is no waste and these metals can be used to create the same products.

Packaging uses

Recycled aluminium and steel from cars can be used in new food packaging. Most canned items today contain a percentage of recycled metal. Within 2 months this recycled metal can appear as a food or beverage container, which means that the process is very economical.

Home furnishings

Surprisingly, scrap metal is becoming used increasingly to make home furnishings. Once the recycled metals from cars are melted down, they can be used to create all kinds of furniture. Plus, those who buy it can be satisfied that they’re helping the environment by using recycled metal. Among the furniture made using scrap metal includes tabletops, chairs and chests, which give an industrial look to any home.


Scrap metal doesn’t only have practical purposes. Many artists are choosing to use scrap metal from old cars to create interesting pieces of artwork. The recycled metal can be used to make sculptures, wall hangings and other kinds of decor. These pieces can sell for a lot of money and feature in homes, commercial and public spaces across the country.

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