Debunking common car scrapping myths

Scrapping an old car is a great option for those who need some quick cash and haven’t got the time or patience to sell it. However, many people are put off from scrapping their car due to misinformation that they may have heard. In this blog, we will debunk the myths associated with car scrapping and demonstrate that scrapping your old car may be your best option.

Scrapping your car is expensive

Often, people assume that taking an old car to a scrap yard will incur a hefty fee. In fact, the opposite is true. Many companies will pay you for your old car. If your car is old and worn, you are likely to have trouble trying to sell it on. And even if you do manage to sell it, the money you make probably won’t be worth the effort it took you. Scrap yards will accept any car, and may even pay you more for certain models.

Scrapping is time-consuming

Scrapping is in fact a time-saving option. Many scrapping companies will come and collect your old vehicle from you, meaning you don’t need to do anything. This is much quicker and easier than trying to sell your old car online.

It’s bad for the environment

Car scrapping isn’t bad for the environment; it actually has some environmental benefits. When your car is scrapped, the metal is recycled and used to make new products. The cost of recycling scrap metal is significantly lower than the cost of mining and processing virgin metal. By scrapping your car, you are reducing the need for new metal to be made, which is a great environmental bonus.

There are limited reuse options for recycled scrap metal

Some people are put off from scrapping their old car as they are unsure what the metal will be used for. There are actually a large number of products which are made partially or entirely from recycled metals. Most steel products available today contain recycled metal, as well as many bridges and road infrastructure. Recycled aluminium from old cars may also be used in drinking cans.

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