Your old car died? A helpful guide on what not to do

Even the most well-loved and cared for motors reach the end of the road eventually. In the end, it’s usually some major problem, like a serious MOT failure, an engine seizure or suspension collapse that’s the final straw. This is the point at which the cost of putting it back on the road becomes way more than the car is worth.

Your old car now probably feels more of a liability than a useful set of wheels. It’s time to move on. But how do you dispose of the old motor?

Dead car? Here’s what NOT to do when it comes to...

Car disposal

Some people rashly think that abandoning their old car in some remote lay-by is the quickest, easiest and cheapest solution. Actually, they're risking a hefty fine of up to £2,500 or even 3 months imprisonment, as well as making a terrible mess of the countryside and probably costing the taxpayer a substantial amount to have it cleaned away.

Not very smart when the fact is that old wreck actually still has some residual cash value which you could unlock. Reputable and experienced vehicle recyclers like Motorwise, who are fully licensed and approved by the Environment Agency, will give you a quick and easy estimate of its value and you can even arrange for a scrap vehicle collection. Painless, quick and easy.

Let’s face it, many of us aren’t great at looking after paperwork, which leads to another misunderstanding – I can’t scrap my car without the V5C (“log-book”) document. If you’ve got it, great. Then you just need to send off the yellow part to DVLA. Can’t find it? Don’t worry – just go to the DVLA website and you can register the scrapping online with a minimum of fuss.


Failing to inform the DVLA about a scrapped car could get you a fine of up to £1,000. It's simply not worth the risk.

But when working with a trusted scrapping expert, disposing of your old motor can be quick and painless. You might even end up with an unexpected bonus in your pocket.

Scrap vehicle collection

Don’t be tempted to strip the seats, wheels or anything else out of the car before it goes – the car’s value is basically calculated by weight, so you'll only reduce its potential scrap value by doing so. It’s best to just empty the glovebox, check under the seats for lost money and other stuff and leave it at that.

For more advice on our scrap vehicle collection services, reach out to us at Motorwise today.

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