Scrap your car and help conserve the environment

If you are thinking about getting rid of your car, the best option is to scrap it. Scrapping your vehicle offers a wide range of benefits compared to selling it. You will not only get value for your car, but you will also help to conserve the environment. Yes, you read that right, here is how car scrapping helps save the environment.

Any useable parts are salvaged

Even the unroadworthy vehicles have some parts in relatively good condition. Before the scrapping process begins, car recyclers' comb out any reusable parts such as batteries, tyres, wheels, etc.

Metal recycling

Most cars are made up of approximately 68 per cent metal. Metals extracted when scrapping vehicles are recycled and sold to help meet the increasing demand for raw materials in various industries. This helps reduce the need to extract metal from the earth, therefore, significantly reducing the levels of greenhouse gases emitted. Manufacturing items using recycled aluminium, copper and steel saves 92%, 90% and 56% energy respectively than if the items were made using new metal.

People are using more energy-efficient cars

Selling old cars defeats the purpose of saving energy and conserving the environment because the fuel-guzzling vehicles are still on our roads. Choosing to scrap your car instead helps eliminate cars that use more fuel and emit more gases. The new breed of cars being manufactured use diesel, which emits lower levels of Carbon Dioxide, and they are also made of more plastic, making them more fuel-efficient.

More people are switching to public transport

A new car can be very expensive. With more and more people choosing to scrap their vehicles, instead of selling them for cheap, public transport becomes the only viable option. Having fewer cars on our roads is great for the environment because fewer gases are emitted.

Although scrapping is excellent for the environment, if not done correctly, it can cause more harm than good. If you want to scrap your vehicle, make sure that you use an authorised treatment facility that is equipped with the necessary resources required to deal with the many pollutants associated with motor vehicles. At Motorwise, we understand how critical environmental conservation is, and that is why we are constantly improving our scrappage system.

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