Is scrapping your car bad for the environment?

You may assume that scrapping your car and getting a new one isn't the best choice for the environment, but you'll be pleased to know that scrapping cars can actually have a positive impact on the environment. From recycling parts to scrappage schemes to reducing harmful emissions, we look at the potential environmental benefits to be gained from scrapping cars.

Environmental regulations

Modern regulations around car scrappage are incredibly stringent, making sure the environment isn't contaminated and as much of the car as possible is recycled. At Motorwise, we are licensed and inspected by the Environment Agency and we follow all car scrappage regulations to the letter. If you're worried about any toxic fluids or contaminants being released during the car scrappage process, you don't need to. Any potentially harmful materials in the car, like mercury or battery fluid, are disposed of safely and recycled if possible. We take great precautions around hazardous materials and use the latest technology to ensure your car is scrapped in a safe and ethical way. Our modern car scrappage facility meets all relevant environmental regulations and we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

Scrapping high-polluting vehicles

As automotive technology moves forward, replacing your old car with an eco-friendly alternative can be easier than ever. Modern vehicles are made to increasingly strict environmental standards, which limit the number of harmful emissions produced and improve energy efficiency. Many people are switching to hybrid or electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint as well as avoiding costly congestion charges in places like London. You may be aware of scrappage schemes which are in place in a number of areas to drivers to replace old high-emission vehicles with modern more eco-friendly vehicles too.

Recycling scrap parts

At Motorwise, we think that recycling scrap car parts makes a good deal of sense so we try and recycle as much of your scrap car as possible to stop waste going into landfill. You can recycle a wide range of car parts, from batteries to tyres to radiators, and these can be used again instead of new materials having to be mined or transported around the world.

Producing new cars requires a lot of energy and the automotive industry has been quick to embrace the use of recycled materials. Recycling metal uses around 74% less energy than if you were to make it from scratch, which makes both environmental and economical sense.

At Motorwise, we only work with Authorised Treatment Facilities to recycle any car parts and we will only ever dispose of your car in an environmentally friendly way.

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