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COVID 19 - Yes, we are collecting scrap cars!

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COVID 19 - Yes, we are collecting scrap cars!

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  • Instant Car Scrap Quote

    • Just enter your registration to receive your scrap car quote!
    • No cancellation charges or loopholes
    • Simple, hassle-free and professional service
    • Accept your quote online for fast collection
  • Best Prices Paid

    • Great prices paid for scrap, damaged, faulty or unwanted cars
    • With free nationwide scrap car collection, we will have a location near you!
    • Scrap car quotes guaranteed once accepted
    • Scrap car collection booked within 4 hours
  • Licensed & Trusted

    • Peace of mind guaranteed - we only work with licensed Authorised Treatment Facilities
    • A Certificate of Destruction is issued for every scrapped vehicle
    • Motorwise is Environment Agency licensed and inspected


Motorwise offer a nationwide scrap car collection service. We make car and van scrappage easy! To get started, simply enter your registration for an instant online quote to scrap your car.
Here are a few reasons why you should choose Motorwise:"

  • Instant Online Quote
    Instant Scrap Car Quote

    Unlike many websites, an instant online quote for your scrap car really does mean Instant. Our Advanced Pricing Technology means we can easily and instantly provide scrap car values, based on current trade prices. Once you're happy to proceed, just follow the simple steps to accept the quote. The approved scrap or salvage buyer will call you within 4 business hours to book the collection and scrap your car!

  • Specialist Salvage Buyer
    Scrap My Car

    When your car or van is too good to scrap but too costly to repair, Motorwise is the go-to Company. We exclusively represent one of the U.K.'s largest salvage buyers who offer top prices for your problem car, offering the best car value available. For your peace of mind, instant online quotes are confirmed by phone before arranging collection. 1000's of problem car owners have rejoiced at discovering our stress-free solution.

  • Trusted Recyclers
    Scrap My Car

    We only work with Authorised Treatment Facilities licensed by either, the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales or the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. By entrusting to dispose of your scrap car through our service, you can be confident that it is disposed of in a legal and environmentally compliant way, with all required paperwork dealt with efficiently.

  • Best Prices Paid
    Scrap Your Car For Cash

    We work with some of the U.K.'s largest and most professional scrap car recycling centres. We also work with specialist salvage car buyers. Our Advanced Pricing Technology means we can easily and instantly value your car based on current trade values. This ensures we offer a fair and competitive price for your scrap, damaged, faulty or unwanted car or van.

  • Scrap Car & Van Collection
    Scrap Car Collection

    All our recycling centres offer FREE scrap car collection. Providing your car is accessible and has 4 wheels and tyres, collection of your scrap, damaged, faulty or unwanted car or van will be possible. Once you accept the online quote, you'll receive a call from the scrap car or salvage car buyer within 4 business hours to make convenient collection arrangements with you. Car scrappage has never been easier.

  • Peace of Mind
    Legal Scrap Car Operators

    We understand that for most people, scrapping a car is a once in a lifetime task. We are committed to giving customers the help and support to access legal scrap car operators. We are one of the U.K.'s largest car scrap services and process 10's of thousands of scrap car and salvage car sales per year. Check out our testimonials, Facebook or Twitter for customer reviews.

Working with licensed and trusted vehicle recycling partners:


Our business was built with a simple mission - to provide consumers with a friendly and legally compliant service to scrap your car.

Motorwise is licenced and approved by the Environment Agency and has fast become one of the U.K.'s largest national scrap car disposal services, transacting the disposal of 10's of thousands of scrap and salvage cars every year. If you're looking to scrap your car, choose Motorwise.

As a business, serving our customers is at the heart of everything we do and we understand what's important to them:

  • Easy to use instant scrap quote service
  • Best Price Paid
  • Responsible car disposal
  • Friendly help and support
  • Nationwide Coverage, Locations Near You, Great Reviews!


  • What happens after I have accepted a quotation to scrap my car?

    Once you've accepted the instant online quote, you will be sent an e-mail confirming the quote. Within 4 business hours of accepting the quote you will be contacted by the appointed recycling centre or salvage buyer to confirm your details and payment method and arrange a suitable date and time for collection of your car.

  • Do you charge for scrap vehicle collection?

    No, all Motorwise quotations include free scrap car collection from the postcode used to generate your quote.

  • How long after I have accepted your quote will it be until my car is collected?

    The recycling centre will call you within 4 business hours to discuss a convenient date to collect your car. Most collections are arranged within two working days. Please ensure you remove all personal belongings and any waste from the vehicle before it is collected or dropped off at the centre.

  • How and when will I be paid for my car?

    Under The Scrap Metal Dealer's Act 2013, cash payments for scrap cars are not permitted. The only permitted forms of payment are non-negotiable cheque or bank transfer. The recycling centre's payment offerings will be shown when you accept the quote online. You can supply your bank details online safely. Our website is secure - look out for a small padlock symbol in the address bar and note that our web address begins with https:// (the s stands for 'secure'). If you do not wish to supply your bank details online, you can provide your details to the recycling centre when they call you to book the collection

  • Do I need to contact DVLA when I sell or scrap my car?

    Yes, it is your legal responsibility to inform DVLA that you are no longer the owner/keeper of the vehicle. The recycling centre will complete their details on Section 9 of the V5C and hand this back to you. This should be immediately posted to DVLA. Alternatively you can notify DVLA online by visiting DVLA website. If you do not have a V5C, you should send a letter to DVLA to inform them of the transfer of ownership as soon as the vehicle has been handed over to the recycling centre. You are transferring the ownership to the recycling centre and it is their business details that should be supplied to DVLA. You are NOT transferring the vehicle to Motorwise.

  • Which car brands do you scrap?

    We scrap all car brands including Ford, VW, Vauxhall, Fiat, Renault, BMW, Audi, Peugeot and more! At Motorwise we will recover and scrap any brand of car or van, simply enter your registration for an instant quotation!

  • Do you have a location near me?

    We offer nationwide collection so it is likely we have a scrap car and van collection service near you. To find out, just enter your registration and post code at the top of this page.

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